Premium Packages (Including Monday Special)

Time for some more great package offers to make the Tapped Out experience that little bit better. As always order details are at the bottom of the post .

Monday Special (Today Only! )

100 thousand donuts , 100 million krustyland tickets and 100 million game cash all for only £6/$10

Standard Donut Packages  

100 thousand donuts £8/$10

500 thousand donuts £10/$17

1 million donuts £16/$25

Started pack . 10k donuts, 5 million cash , 5 million krustyland tickets  £6/$10


120 million game cash £5/$8 ( £3/$5 if purchased with a donut bundle)

120  million krustyland tickets £6/$8

Max squidport tiles £6/$8

All the Stonecutter event prizes etc for players that missed them  £6/$8

Leveled up to maximum level £5/$8

Any 20 old Tapped out items no longer available of your choice from list below £6/$10

All friend point prizes

Guinea Pig Rescue Center, Pokey, StrupoStatue, Freedom, The Mayflower, USS Tom Clancy’s Submarine, Oscar’s Obstacles Track, Mapple Store, Duff Beer Car, Springfield Falls, Swanky Fish, Cool Brown House, , Respectable Moe, Gorgeous Grampa, Gorgeous Grampa Billboard, Burns Fruit Batman, Burns Fruit Signal, Lemon Tree,jebediah Statue

Leprechaun Statue, ShamRock Cafe, WishingWell, O’Flanagans Pub, Shamrock Topiary

Brandine, Whitney, Dubya, Birthday, Tunnel Of Love, Madame Chaos, Up Up And Buffet, Lovely Fence, Love Bench, Lovely Lamppost, Lovely Flower Cart, Cherub Bird Bath, Valentines Balloons, Lovely Gazebo, Whale, Fountain Of Love, Beach Chair, Shauna, Limo, Sir Putts A Lot, Howard’s Flowers, Phinea’s Q Butterfats, Rose Bush, Valentines Tree, Valentines Pond, Love Planter, Rose Arch, Cherub Topiary, Cosy Hammock, I Choo Choo Choose You Train

Holiday Totem Pole, Santa’s Workshop, Ebenezer Burns, The Yes Guy, CCT, Candy Kevin, Mr Costington, Snow Monster, Christmas Raccoon, The Grumple, Santa Suit, Plow King, Mr Plow, Santas Village, Costingtons, Egg Nog Bar, Helter Shelter, Claus Co, Happy Elves Ride, Springfield Skating Rink, Springfield Mall, Ice God, Backwater Brewery, Plow Kings Plow, Jet Engine Bike, Devil Float, Holiday Tree, Reindeer, Homer Snowman, Lisa Snowman, Bart Snowman, Marge Snowman, Maggie Snowman, Grampa Snowman, Santas Little Helper Snow Dog, Snowball II Snowcat, Present Depot, Elf Home, Lamp Post Festive Bow, Lamp Post Festive Bell, Lamp Post Festive Wreath, Festive Lawn Bell, Festive Fancy Lawn Bell, Festive Candycane, Festive Nutcracker, Festive Lawn Angel, Festive Hot Drink Stand, Festive Trashcan Fire

Simpson’s Home, Brown House, FLander’s Home, Cletus Farm, Purple House, Blue House, Van Houten Home, Pink House, White House, Willies Shack, Orange House, Muntz House, Krabappel Apartment, Frink’s Lab, Volcano Lair

Turkey, Lisa Sacagawea, Caesar’s Pow Wow Casino, Caesar’s Pow Wow Casino Sign, Rusty The Clown Parade Balloon, Poochie Parade Balloon, Stampy Parade Balloon, The Grumple Parade Balloon, Scratchy Parade Balloon, Itchy Parade Balloon, Blinky Parade Balloon, Snow Ball 2 Parade Balloon, Santa’s Little Helper Parade Balloon

Devil Flanders, Mayan Homer, Strongman Homer, Maude Flanders Ghost, Booberella, King Snorky, Frog Prince,

Pet Zombie, Snarling Zombie, Shuffling Zombie, Crazy Zombie, Senile Zombie, Clawing Zombie, Kang, Kodos, Ray Gun, Kang’s Crashed U.F.O, Kudos’ Crashed U.F.O, Mayan Calendar Whole, The Raven, Talking Krusty Doll, Burns Monster, Victorian U.F.O, King Homer’s Skyscraper, First Church Of Lard Lad, Burns Coffin, Ultrahouse 2, Gingerbread House, Gypsy Fortune Telling Shop, Spooky Tree, Pumpkin House, Ghost Zapper, Bad Dream House, Super Collider, Black Hole, Springfield Cemetery, Pet Cemetery, Mausoleum, Ancient Burial Ground, Pumpkin Patch, House Of Evil, Heck House, Marge’s Cauldron, Freak Mobile, Jack ‘o’ Lantern, Wailing Wall, Spooky Wall, Dead Tree, Booberella’s Street Cart, Freak Show Tent, Hi Glow Waste Barrels, Three Eyed Sushi

All American Apu, Nighthawk Diner, Lincoln’s Cabin, Liberty Bell, American Flag, Pin Wheel Firework, Crate Of Fireworks,Lisa Statue

Frink’s Robot Dog, Excellence Prize Statue, Laramie Vending Machine, Devil Donut Cart, Inflatable Gorilla And Baboon’s,Frinko Sonic MHV, Giant Grasshopper, Duff Party Bus, Duff Barney Blimp

Bare Chested Willy, Fort Sensible, Lisa’s Balance Beam, Ninja Homer Practice Snake, Lumpy The Snake, Pet Snake,

Snake Statue, Snake Rocks, Snake Stump, Hollow Snake, Snake Speakers, Wind Sock, Whacking Day Stall, Whacking Day Mug Stall, Whacking Day T-Shirt Stall, Whacking Day Banner, Green Practice Snake Board, Purple Practice Snake Board,Red Practice Snake Board, Yellow Practice Snake Board, Easter 2014 event  prizes, golden mansion

Need a customized deal package just drop us a email with everything you want and we will get back to you with a price .

PayPal payments only (We are a verified PayPal account )

To make a order or if you have any questions email

we normally have the order complete in under 1 hour from time of purchase

Log in details will be required to be able to put the order into the game so it is advised you change your game password to something temporary if you use the password for other personal things


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Level 43 Complete Look

Today we received a new update bringing Level 43 to the game that is completely set in Krustyland. This is great to see and hopefully we see more updates in the future like this as for a long time now it has felt like krustyland had been forgotten about with players mentioning they hardly even visit theirs anymore. So lets take a look at all the new content !.


Tapped Out Itchy Balloon.pngItchy Balloon 30Donut Tapped Out.png


Tapped Out Duff Beer Fountain.pngDuff Beer Fountain 30Donut Tapped Out.png


Tapped Out One Plate Maximum Buffet.pngOne Plate Maximum Buffet 40Donut Tapped Out.png


Tapped Out Unoriginal Log Ride.pngUnoriginal  Log Ride Donut Tapped Out.png75


Krustyland Ticket Content 


Tapped Out Scratchy Balloon.pngScratchy Balloon Krustyland Ticket.png1250


Tapped Out Poochie Parade Balloon.pngPoochie Parade Balloon Krustyland Ticket.png1000


Tapped Out Tavern on the Scream.png Tavern on the scream Krustyland Ticket.png1500


Tapped Out Krusty's Giant Wheel.png Krusty Giant Wheel  Krustyland Ticket.png4000 (Unlocks Princess Penelope )


Princess Penelope.png Comes with Krusty’s Giant wheel


Quick Note

Krustyland tickets can now be Purchased with donuts in the game

Donut Tapped Out.png9 for Krustyland Ticket.png500

Donut Tapped Out.png25 for Krustyland Ticket.png1,500

Donut Tapped Out.png70 for Krustyland Ticket.png5,000




Mayan Marge Premium Review

Mayan Marge had been sitting in the game files for a long time but finally Ea have released it with the latest Yard Sale update but it will set you back 90 donuts so lets take a look at what the skin brings to the game. The skin does come with a quest line however its a short  one but it does feature some good task animation that players can watch taking place. When a player makes this purchase they turn Marge from a standard character into one that will earn a Premium rate but at 90 donuts there is far better premiums to invest in like Dr Nick for example . The Main down point about this purchase is that it can not be made by players that missed out on  the mayan homer skin or myan calendar the first time around instead they will have to part with a cool 300 donuts for the mayan bundle turning mayan marge into a big investment especially for those on a low budget. In conclusion i would pass on making this purchase especially if you have a low amount of donuts as the skin really does not offer anything that great for the 90 donuts and there is a few more premiums around at the same price that will bring more value to the player.

Tapped Out Mayan Marge Game Files.pngTapped Out Mayan Marge New Character.png

Yard Sale 2014 Complete Look

Today we received the 2014 yard sale update where players have a chance to grab re-released content that they may have missed out on the first time around. It also brings the Cool Brown House along with cool Homer to Android players for the first time ever since this was first released as a limited time building before the game even came to Android. It is also great to see that Ea have included the original quest lines for new players  to enjoy that couldn’t before.

Mayan Marge Donut Tapped Out.png90


  Gorgeous Grampa Donut Tapped Out.png75


Bare Chested Willie Donut Tapped Out.png60


 Cool Brown House (Unlocks Cool Homer) Donut Tapped Out.png120


 Ninja Homer Practice Snake Donut Tapped Out.png100


Ultrahouse 2 Donut Tapped Out.png90


Helter Shelter Donut Tapped Out.png45


Ice God  Donut Tapped Out.png30


Mr. Sparkle Billboard  Donut Tapped Out.png30


 Mayan Bundle Donut Tapped Out.png300





Upcoming Family Guy Quest for Stuff District 8 Spoilers

We have yet another spoiler post for you fans of Family Guy Quest For Stuff as the content that you can expect to come with the upcoming District 8 can now be found . Most of you will  already know that this will be the district that will bring Stewie to the game as Tinyco have been promoting it in the games latest notifications etc. As with all file information we can not give a date that this content will be released into the game but we would take a good guess that we will be seeing them some point this weekend possibly when the latest July 4th update ends.

District 8 Upcoming Content ( Click on the content to see pictures)

Brian PBJ (Skin)

Stewie (Character)

Stewie Sexy (Skin)

Quahog Cinema

Malt Shop

Club Spot Lights


Quahog Zoo

Giant Champagn

Bob’s Funland Amusement Park

Condom Vending Machine

Space Shuttle

Park Barrington Hotel

Fuzzy Clam

Quahog Play House

Chutes and Lads

The Cherry Pit


Gift Shop


Upcoming 4th july Family Guy Quest For Stuff Spoilers

There is some good news for all you Family Guy Quest For Stuff fans as new spoilers can now be found in the game files . We are not sure the exact release time or day that these will be added but they should be in the game some point this week.

Democratic Donkey

Large American Flag

Patriotic Flowers in white red and blue

Republican Elephant

Balding Eagle

Patriotic Lamp post

There are 4 sets of different fireworks to purchase in the files

Water Slide Park

Deep Fried Everything restaurant

Carnival game stand x 3 ( Race horse , gold fish , Basketball)

Roller Skating Rink

Here are a few pictures of the content 







4th July content Update complete look (Also how to unlock old 4th of July items during this update )

Release date – July 2nd 2014

In game Update


George Washington

 180 Donut Tapped Out.png ( Comes with Ye Olde Cherry Tree)


 Costs game cash and unlocks with Giuseppe Workshop



The Sit n Rotate Building that has been in the Game files for a while now has finally been added to the game costing a huge 10 million game cash.


Giuseppe Workshop Cash.png 5,000



Lincoln Memorial Cash.png100,000

Fireworks Barge Donut Tapped Out.png80

Ye Olde Cherry Tree Donut Tapped Out.png180

Some old items will become available for players that missed out on them the first time around. These will unlock in the game on July 4th and July 11th.

American Flag Cash.png5,600

Pinwheel Firework Donut Tapped Out.png40

Tapped Out Pinwheel firework.png

Box of FireworksDonut Tapped Out.png60

Tapped Out Crate of fireworks.png

Nighthawk Diner Donut Tapped Out.png90

Lincoln cabinDonut Tapped Out.png150



Complete Guide how to unlock each part of Game of Stones Quest

We have been getting lots of questions over on twitter about how to unlock certain parts of this questline and some players seem to be getting confused so here is a quick guide that should help you out.

Game Of Stones Part 1

The start of the questline should automatically trigger for the player.You will need to build the StonCutters Lodge and this will unlock Number 1.

Game Of Stones Part 2

Homer will trigger this part of the questline for the player and it will also unlock the number 908 skin for Homer.

Game Of Stones Part 3

Homer will also trigger this part and you will have to collect from houses . (Tap Houses x5) After this is complete all the kids in town should have a new task to complete number 1′s task.

Game of Stones Part 4

You will have to solve Number 1′s task . Complete the task and you will be rewarded with emblems. The Task is to send a youngster to drink a extra cold squishee.

Game of Stones Part 5

Part 5 will trigger in the game after you have collected 1,450 emblems . You will be told to place the Sacred Parchment into your town .Tapping in the sacred Parchment will let you see puzzles for you to try and solve . New puzzles will be released daily so make sure to keep a eye on it .

Game Of Stones Part 6

You will place the  Chest of Sacred Artifacts which is the 3rd personal prize in the event .

Game Of Stones Part 6

Skinner will start this part off and you must have his stonecutters skin in the game.The tasks for this part are as follows

Make the following numbers attend a secret meeting lasting 8 hours

Number 908 (Homer)

Number 36 (Krusty)

Number 600 (Skinner)

Number 85 (Willie)

Game Of stones Part 8

Burns will start part 8 off and you must have prize number 5 which is Number 29 skin. Then you will need to place the money pool that comes with the skin into the town and perform the task “Take a dip in the Money Pool” with burns in his new outfit.

Game of Stones Part 9

Homer will trigger this part off and you will need to have the Stone of Triumph that comes as prize 7. Place the stone and make homer with his number 908 skin perform the “Wear the Stone of Triumph”  task.

Game of Stones Part 10

Homer again starts this off and all you need to do is have him do the Steal Liquor from Shelbyville Stonecutters task .

Game Of Stones Part 11

Part 11 will automatically start for the player. You must have prize 9 the Stonecutter Table. After placing this you will have to perform two tasks .

Number 908 Homer “Sing the Stonecutter Song” task

Number 36 krusty Sing the Stonecutter Song”

Game of Stones Part 12

Again this will start automatically and you will have to have prize 1o Satan’s Anvil . After you have placed it into your town the Game of Stones quest will be done ,

You will also get a bonus after this for every 3000 emblems you collect.

File:The Simpsons Tapped Out Stonecutters.png






Puzzle Answers (whole event )

The following are the tasks you will need to perform for all upcoming  daily puzzles


June 6 Make Milhouse Find Puppy Goo Goo
June 7 Make Skinner Go Bird Watching
June 8 Make Willie Play the Bagpipes
June 9 Make Comic Book Guy Cosplay
June 10 Make Moe Smuggle Endangered Species
June 11 Make Lovejoy Ride Scale Train
June 12 Make Martin Ride A Bike
June 13 Make Marge Teach Art Classes
June 14 Make Bart Skateboard
June 15 Make Snake Comb Your Bitchin Hair
June 16 Make Krusty Visit The Track
June 17 Make Bruns Hide Nuclear Waste
June 18 Make Smithers Whip It
June 19 Make Ralph Burn Things
June 20 Make Luigi Play The Accordion
June 21 Make Nelson Play the Guitar
June 22 Make Carl Honor Icelandic Heritage
June 23 Make Dr. Hibbert Deal Organs On the Black Market
June 24 Make Agnes Do Crossword Puzzles
June 25 Make Fat Tony Play The Violin
June 26 Make Herman Sell Counterfeit Jeans

File:The Simpsons Tapped Out Stonecutters.png

Destroy your Springfield ! ( new option for players )

Today with the Stonecutters Event update a brand new option has been added that lets players blow up Springfield . This is a great new addition to the game for players that want to start a fresh but never got round to it due to the time it would take to place everything in the inventory manually. It will work by placing all the players stuff automatically into the games inventory letting you start a brand new Springfield design from scratch. The player can find this option next to the game inventory icon and you do not have to worry about tapping it by accident as the game does make you quadruple confirm it before the process is started , Will you be using the blow up Springfield option especially now with the lack of land current available in the game for long term players ?. Let us know by casting your vote in the poll below and make sure to check back as we will be covering much more event content over the next few weeks.

File:The Simpsons Tapped Out Stonecutters.png


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