Donut Packages by @tsto_insider

Current Packages .  (Order Email

Springfield Heights tile package (new)

200 springfield heights boardwalk tiles , 100 million game $ + 1 million donuts £6/$10

Donut/monorail package

500 thousand donuts + 100milliom game $ + 1k of each monorail track pieces £6/$10

If you missed the monorail stations that came with the event you can add them all for £2/$2 extra to the package price just quote when ordering.

Millionaire Package 

A mega 1 million donuts + 100 million game cash and 100 million krustyland tickets just £6/$10

All OLD Items / 1 million donuts Donut Special £6/$10

With this package you will get 1 million donuts and all the old limited time / event content the account has missed since the game started . All the content will be added to the games inventory .

Add 100 million game cash to the old item package for just £1/$1 extra

Ultimate Mega Package £10/ $15  

Mega package includes the following , All old content the account ha missed placed in inventory , 100 million game cash ,100 million krustyland tickets , 150 squidport tiles and 1 million donuts .

Standard Packages  (Normal price)

All monorail stations  £5/$7

1k of each type monorail track pieces £4/$6

1 million donuts £6/$10

Springfield heights full land unlock £4/$5

100 homer Buddha £4/$5 ( placed in inventory)

100 million game cash £4/$6

150 Squidport tiles £4/$6

All the old items you have missed $8/£6 (Added to inventory)

100 million krustyland tickets $5/£4

PayPal Payments only (We are verified )

As always we do need the game email and password in order to put the order into the account so if you use the password for more personal things its advised you change it to something temp during the process ,

All players must make sure they are logged out during the process until we notify them that its complete as it may cause error in the syncing side of things if two players are on the account at the same time .

How long will it take ? We aim to have all accounts completed within 30 minutes of payment (Not order email). If we take any longer we will add 100 thousand donuts free of charge for the wait .
To make a order or if you have any questions about our packages drop us a email at

Are we legit ? . We have built up a reputation and have over 8 thousand followers on twitter so that speaks a bit for our reputation . We all are players of the game and treat every account like we would our own during each order process . Trust us when we say we know how much time goes into creating towns .. We also refuse to take any card details etc from anyone and only use paypal as its the most secure for us and you .

Please note do not ask us to take card payments or bank information as we only accept paypal as it is secure for us and the buyer. Thanks

If you do not have Paypal we can still send you our Paypal me link that will give you the option to pay for the order by card .

Available for android , kindle  and ios  (You do not have to have a jailbroken , rooted device as long as you have a origin account you can order   )

We are always happy to take questions and deal with anything you may need in the game 

Email us to make a order

Happy Tapping

1. Pick Package you want

2. Send us a email to and wait for us to send order details

3.  After email from us . Include in the paypal notes section the package you wish + Origin game log in details (E Mail & Password,not your User name)

4. log out and don’t play the game till we send a email letting you know that the order is now in the account and ready for you to go back on.

5. Happy Tapping

6. Tell your tapped out loving friends (Not a requirement )



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