What does purchasing the transporters do

Transporters Alpha and Omega comes with the latest THOH 2014 update costing 50 donuts . By making this premium purchase you do not only get them to show off as  decorations but they also add a new feature to the game. You can place one transporter in one part of town and the other somewhere else then when you tap on one, you’ll be teleported to the place where  the second one is located.  This is a nice little feature especially if you have a big town to save on time swiping to a certain area .




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How to unlock Kodos (New Players guide)

A lot of new players have been asking the question on how to unlock Kodos after seeing her fly around  town. To unlock Kodos you will need to shoot her ship down and that will mean making a premium purchase in the game (boo) .  The Ray gun is the item you will need for this task and it will set you back 150 donuts to get it . After making the purchase and placing the ray gun into your town you will need to tap on it a few times until it hits kodos making her  come crashing down and unlocking  her as a permanent character to the game.

Ray Gun

What does upgrading My Nailboard do + Rigellian Hunting License (Halloween Event)

We have had a few messages over on twitter asking us what exactly is the point of upgrading the Nailboard during this years Halloween event . The Nailboard is giving to the player in order to squish aliens but it can be upgraded to accomplish more . The upgrades allows the player to hit a bigger radius meaning you will take out more aliens per tap the higher the nailboards upgraded level is.



Rigellian Hunting License

Another question we have been asked is what exactly does the Rigellian Hunting License do and is it worth splashing 90 donuts on .  The Rigellian Hunting License gives you twice the amount of probes compared to other players who have not made the purchase. A normal player will earn one Probe per action in a friends town but players who have made this purchase will get two probes per action. If you are going to splash 90 donuts on a license then now is the time to do so as the earlier in the event the better the investment it will be.


File:Tapped Out THOH 2014 loading screen.png


main prizes Unlock Dates + what you will need (Halloween event)

The following are the dates that more main prizes will become available in the game .

Current Prizes

Mutant Peacock Mutant Peacock  Probe.png3,250 Probes

Donut Torture DeviceDonut torture device Probe.png8,050 Probes


October 20th ( Probes swapped with Ray Guns)

Bulldozer-saurus Bulldozer-Saurus Ray Gun.png2,825 Ray Guns


Hover-Copter Hover-Copter Ray Gun.png7,100 Ray Guns


November 1st ( Ray Guns swapped with Long Protein Strings)

DIET Sign Diet Sign Long Protein Strings.png6,000  Protein Strings


U. B. O. U.B.O Long Protein Strings.png14,900 Protein Strings


Hugo Simpsons Tasks (Halloween Spoiler)

This may change as the update is not live yet but so far this looks like the tasks that will be included with Hugo Simpson when he arrives in Springfield .

Unlock message

Family will always love you… unless they already have a kid that looks like a clean version of you



Practice stitching things together  1h task

Eat Fish Heads 4h task

Clean his room 8h task

Walk the pigeon rat 12h task

Nap at the spooky house 16h task

Sleep in Simpson attic  24h task



Complete List of Halloween Prizes (Spoiler)

 Grand Pumpkin


 Pumpkin House


 Rigellian Queen


Rigellian Hut




 Spooky House


 Gold Treat Bag


 Spooky Wall


 Human Test Subject


  Rigellian Shrub


Mutant Peacock


 Donut torture device


 Bulldozer saurus


 Hover -copter


 diet sign





Family Guy Quest For Stuff Halloween Event Images (Spoilers)

The Family Guy Quest For Stuff Halloween Event update is set to drop some point later today that we posted spoilers about last week without images . Now we have access  to some of the images for the new content that will be arriving so if you want to take a sneak peak just click on the content to see what it will look like in the game .

Keep Checking back as this post will be updated with more content that becomes available up until the event update arrives. 

Ghostbuster Quagmire
Pet Cemetery

Ghostbusters Headquarters

Ghostbuster Peter
Ghostbuster Joe
Ghostbuster Quagmire
Stewie’s Halloween Mystery Box
Brian’s Halloween Mystery Box
Diane Simmons
Fortune Teller
Ghostbusters Headquarters
Ghostbusters Sign
Small Elixir Car
Traveling Elixir Cart
Industrial Life Machine
Haunted House Stage 1
Portal Stage 1
Portal Stage 2
Portal Stage 3
Owl in Tree
Portal Statue 1
Portal Statue 2
Portal Statue 3
Portal Statue 4
Portal Statue 5
Pet Cemetery

Event Materials 

Ghost Bones
Banshee Tears
Goblin Scales

Ghost Condom
Friend Eggs
Clean Boots
Colander Helmter
Ghost Duster
Ghost Trap
PKE Meter
Psychic Cards

Family Guy Quest For Stuff Full Halloween Event Spoilers

A lot more information has become available about the upcoming Family Guy Quest for Stuff Halloween event on the server files . The start date is still unknown and content could be added or removed before release but so far this is the information available .

Event length looks to be around 5 weeks and there will be 25 prizes

A cauldron will be available to brew things in after you collect the items needed ,

The event currency that you will need to collect is Terror Dog Bones

The following is the new content that will be available during the event

Buildings / Decorations



Marshmallow Boss


Haunted House

Portal Statue



Mr Weed

Diane Simmons

Francis Griffin

Freddy Krueger

Terror Dog

Jason Vorhees


Ghostbuster Peter

Ghostbuster Joe

Ghostbuster Cleveland

Ghostbuster Quagmire

Slutty Cat Meg Skin

Vampire Duck Stewie Skin

Prize Week 1

  1. Scarecrow
  2. Gargoyle
  3. Creepy Tree
  4. Animated Zombie
  5. Animated Giant Spider
  6. Statue of David with witches hat
  7. Giant electrical ball
  8. Diane Simmons

Prize Week 2

  1. Statue of death
  2. Peter Jack-o-lanter puking
  3. Monster from space
  4. Slutty Cat Meg

Prize Week 3

  1. Medieval torture chamber
  2. Gremlin Pool
  3. Creepy clown
  4. Confession Booth
  5. Pulpit

 Prize Week 4

  1. Giant Skull
  2. Hanging skeleton
  3. Animated ghoul
  4. Vampire Duck Stewie Skin

Prize Week 5

  1. Animated bats
  2. A dracula bed
  3. Pipe Organ
  4. Old fashioned Dentists office

“Clown In The Dumps” Season premiere (A Springfield resident will die!)

“Clown In The Dumps” is the upcoming season 26 premiere that is set to air this Sunday September 28th on Fox. A major character who has regularly teamed up with Bart will die in this episode.The character will have appeared more than twice in the show and will be voiced by an Emmy- Award winning voice actor who has won an Emmy for the role as the character. Following the death of Marcia Wallace it was confirmed that it will not be her character,Edna Krabappel .Voice actor Hank Azaria whose roles include Apu and Moe confirmed that it will not be one of his characters. It will not be Homer although there will be a scene that will feature Lisa worrying about Homer’s health as he struggles with a sleep mask. Also in the episode Krusty retires after being offended by a cable channel’s comedy roast of him,and Lisa tries to protect Homer from getting hurt. Make sure to check out this brand new episode 8pm only on fox followed by a crossover episode of Family Guy with The Simpsons afterwards. 

File:Clown in the Dumps promo 1.jpg

File:Clown in the Dumps promo 3.jpg

File:Clown in the Dumps promo 4.jpg

Uter and The Hungry Hun Premium Review

Uter and The Hungry Hun is a premium character/building combo that arrived earlier in the week with level 45 priced at 160 donuts so lets take a look at what he brings to the game before you go splashing those hard earned donuts. The first disappointment about Uter is that he is not voiced as i would have loved to have the fat little German student running around my Springfield shouting “Don’t make me run, I’m full of chocolate! when tapped. The good thing about this purchase is that you do get  The  Hungry Hun included  as a building but the animation is very small with just  interior lights going on when Uter is inside but it will add 10 points to the Gluttony rating of the Conform-O-Meter.The value that the building brings is $200 and 22XP every 8 hours but Uter will also earn a premium rate during tasks.It should also be noted that no other character will use The Hungry Hun except Uter but of course that can easily change in the future. Overall its great to finally have the little overweight German exchange student in the game with a price that is not too extreme for a character/building combo . HAPPY TAPPING



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