What benefit do you get from leveling up Castles

This event brings 3 types of castles Barbarian Castle,Recycled Castle and Boxingham all of which can be upgraded by the player in return for bonuses. Each Castle gives the exact same bonus the more you upgrade the only difference will be the castle Walls etc you unlock will be difference in appearance depending on the castle you are upgrading at the time. The only way to upgrade a castle is by collecting the amount of Elixr needed to reach the next upgrade level. Elixr can be gained by destroying other towns buildings , during certain tasks or purchased in bundles with donuts on a Wednesday.  Each castle upgrade is beneficial to the player up until they reach level 20 then everything after that is just a bonus of castle wall+1 etc . Lets take a look at what each upgrade brings to the player.

 Castle Upgrade    Elixr required    Reward
    1  0   Start with 5 Troop Generation
    2 200   Troop Generation +5
    3 350   Max Troops +5
    4 600   Castle Walls +4
    5 800   Defense +1 hour
    6  1000   Castle Tower +2
    7  1300   Troop Generation +5
    8  1600   Castle Walls +4
    9  2000   Max Troops +5
    10  2400   Castle Gate +1
    11  2900   Defense +1 hour
    12  3400   Troop Generation +5
    13  4000   Max Troops +5
    14  4600   Defense +1 hour
    15  5300   Troop Generation +5
    16  6000   Max Troops +5
    17  6800   Defense +1 hour
    18  7600   Troop Generation +5
    19  8500   Max Troops +10
    20  9400   Defense +1 hour

        recycledcastle_menu        boxinghampalace_menubarbariancastle_menu


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What Value Does purchasing the Chicken Coop bring to the Game

The Chicken Coop is a  limited time premium decoration that has arrived with the latest event update costing 30 donuts .First lets start with how this item is not unique so you can place as many as you want around town and build up more bonuses, it is also a nice size so you shouldn’t  have much issue finding a good spot to place it. In my opinion the best place for this decoration would be next to Cletus Farm as there is not much other buildings that would go next to this decoration without the chicken coop looking out of place. The Decoration does come with animation which is nice for 30 donuts however no characters interact with it at all during the event. Purchasing the Chicken Coop will give you a  0.50%  bonus on xp +$ and will also add 175 points to the towns Vanity rating. In conclusion the Chicken Coop really does not offer much and even the bonus that it  brings is low so i would save the 30 donuts as you can get Squeaky Voice Teen as a premium character for the exact same price that offers much more value to the player especially in terms of enjoyment . Whatever you decide remember its only going to be around for a limited time .

 Donut Tapped Out.png30

Two new Characters found in Game Files (Spoiler)

Just a quick post about two new characters that can be found in the game files that you should expect to see at some point in the near future being added to the game. Both characters found have a theme that would fit in with the current event so they could show up anytime during the event period or they may be used in a completely separate update




Twonicorn appears during season 20 in the episode Lisa The Drama Queen .  In the episode Lisa and a new friend create the fantasy world of Equalia together, but Lisa is a little worried when her friend treats Equalia as a real place to escape the problems of the real world.


  Princess Kashmir aka  Shawna Tifton


Princess Kashmir is first seen during Eugene Fisk’s bachelor party. It is here that Homer gets his picture taken by Bart with his spy camera. The photo had far more effect on Homer than it did Ms. Tifton. She is moved by Homer’s speech to all the men in the audience about not treating women as objects, yet she still remains an exotic dancer to this day. She has been seen with many men in Springfield including Apu before his marriage to  Manjula.


Lisa the Drama Queen promo.jpgPrincess Kashmir.png



Everything You Need To Know About Nerds + Attacks

This Event brings the arrival of Nerds to Springfield who will help you attack other players towns during the event so the more you gain the better off you will be. You can purchase different amounts of nerds with donuts or wait for castles to generate them . The more castles ( 3 altogether) and upgrades you have the more nerds will be generated with the maximum amount of nerds allowed at one time being 50. Nerds are needed to attack other castles which you will find in neighbors towns or you can also attack random players towns by tapping on the icon on the top right hand side of the screen. The Player is in control of how much Nerds they want to send to attack the other players town but the more nerds you use the less time you will have to wait to earn the gold + Elixir reward. You can destroy the other players castle in 4 hours or a normal building in 1 hour if you choose to use the maximum number of Nerds to attack it so it all comes down to the bigger the amount of nerds used the faster the reward. If you have donuts to spend then you can purchase packs of d20s that will instantly destroy castles and buildings straight away without any waiting meaning you can go from town to town getting instant rewards but with  the event lasting so long why rush . If you are having any issues with this event remember to drop us a tweet at @tsto_insider and one of us will happily do what we can to help . Happy Tapping !

(Spoiler) Futurama Update looks set for Episode Tie-In Season 26

This is just a quick post to let players know an icon of bender  has been added to the game files!. This points towards a Futurama Update coming as an episode tie-in during Season 26. Most of us know that there will be a crossover episode between the two shows that will arrive later this year so now with bender showing up in the games files it looks certain we are going to have the best episode tie-in the game has ever seen. This could also be what Simpsons writer Matt Selman was talking about when he mentioned he was in the middle of writing something crazy bananas for The Simpsons Tapped Out.  SO what do you think of this news ?. Let us know by tweeting us at @tsto_insider . The game file image of Bender be seen below .

Level 43 Complete Look

Today we received a new update bringing Level 43 to the game that is completely set in Krustyland. This is great to see and hopefully we see more updates in the future like this as for a long time now it has felt like krustyland had been forgotten about with players mentioning they hardly even visit theirs anymore. So lets take a look at all the new content !.


Tapped Out Itchy Balloon.pngItchy Balloon 30Donut Tapped Out.png


Tapped Out Duff Beer Fountain.pngDuff Beer Fountain 30Donut Tapped Out.png


Tapped Out One Plate Maximum Buffet.pngOne Plate Maximum Buffet 40Donut Tapped Out.png


Tapped Out Unoriginal Log Ride.pngUnoriginal  Log Ride Donut Tapped Out.png75


Krustyland Ticket Content 


Tapped Out Scratchy Balloon.pngScratchy Balloon Krustyland Ticket.png1250


Tapped Out Poochie Parade Balloon.pngPoochie Parade Balloon Krustyland Ticket.png1000


Tapped Out Tavern on the Scream.png Tavern on the scream Krustyland Ticket.png1500


Tapped Out Krusty's Giant Wheel.png Krusty Giant Wheel  Krustyland Ticket.png4000 (Unlocks Princess Penelope )


Princess Penelope.png Comes with Krusty’s Giant wheel


Quick Note

Krustyland tickets can now be Purchased with donuts in the game

Donut Tapped Out.png9 for Krustyland Ticket.png500

Donut Tapped Out.png25 for Krustyland Ticket.png1,500

Donut Tapped Out.png70 for Krustyland Ticket.png5,000




Mayan Marge Premium Review

Mayan Marge had been sitting in the game files for a long time but finally Ea have released it with the latest Yard Sale update but it will set you back 90 donuts so lets take a look at what the skin brings to the game. The skin does come with a quest line however its a short  one but it does feature some good task animation that players can watch taking place. When a player makes this purchase they turn Marge from a standard character into one that will earn a Premium rate but at 90 donuts there is far better premiums to invest in like Dr Nick for example . The Main down point about this purchase is that it can not be made by players that missed out on  the mayan homer skin or myan calendar the first time around instead they will have to part with a cool 300 donuts for the mayan bundle turning mayan marge into a big investment especially for those on a low budget. In conclusion i would pass on making this purchase especially if you have a low amount of donuts as the skin really does not offer anything that great for the 90 donuts and there is a few more premiums around at the same price that will bring more value to the player.

Tapped Out Mayan Marge Game Files.pngTapped Out Mayan Marge New Character.png

Yard Sale 2014 Complete Look

Today we received the 2014 yard sale update where players have a chance to grab re-released content that they may have missed out on the first time around. It also brings the Cool Brown House along with cool Homer to Android players for the first time ever since this was first released as a limited time building before the game even came to Android. It is also great to see that Ea have included the original quest lines for new players  to enjoy that couldn’t before.

Mayan Marge Donut Tapped Out.png90


  Gorgeous Grampa Donut Tapped Out.png75


Bare Chested Willie Donut Tapped Out.png60


 Cool Brown House (Unlocks Cool Homer) Donut Tapped Out.png120


 Ninja Homer Practice Snake Donut Tapped Out.png100


Ultrahouse 2 Donut Tapped Out.png90


Helter Shelter Donut Tapped Out.png45


Ice God  Donut Tapped Out.png30


Mr. Sparkle Billboard  Donut Tapped Out.png30


 Mayan Bundle Donut Tapped Out.png300





Upcoming Family Guy Quest for Stuff District 8 Spoilers

We have yet another spoiler post for you fans of Family Guy Quest For Stuff as the content that you can expect to come with the upcoming District 8 can now be found . Most of you will  already know that this will be the district that will bring Stewie to the game as Tinyco have been promoting it in the games latest notifications etc. As with all file information we can not give a date that this content will be released into the game but we would take a good guess that we will be seeing them some point this weekend possibly when the latest July 4th update ends.

District 8 Upcoming Content ( Click on the content to see pictures)

Brian PBJ (Skin)

Stewie (Character)

Stewie Sexy (Skin)

Quahog Cinema

Malt Shop

Club Spot Lights


Quahog Zoo

Giant Champagn

Bob’s Funland Amusement Park

Condom Vending Machine

Space Shuttle

Park Barrington Hotel

Fuzzy Clam

Quahog Play House

Chutes and Lads

The Cherry Pit


Gift Shop


Upcoming 4th july Family Guy Quest For Stuff Spoilers

There is some good news for all you Family Guy Quest For Stuff fans as new spoilers can now be found in the game files . We are not sure the exact release time or day that these will be added but they should be in the game some point this week.

Democratic Donkey

Large American Flag

Patriotic Flowers in white red and blue

Republican Elephant

Balding Eagle

Patriotic Lamp post

There are 4 sets of different fireworks to purchase in the files

Water Slide Park

Deep Fried Everything restaurant

Carnival game stand x 3 ( Race horse , gold fish , Basketball)

Roller Skating Rink

Here are a few pictures of the content 








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